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New Chip Rises Above Noise

They had a killer chip.
Solid venture backing.
Experienced management.
But being late to market
was taking its toll.

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Raising Money in Down Economy

Adolescent Counseling
Services used to be called
"the best nonprofit you
never heard of." c3PR
gave them recognition
and boosted grant income.
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Branding Improves Acquisition Prospects

From "rising star" to
full-fledged success,
dB Control's PR and
marketing efforts stirred
media buzz about TWTs.
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Award-Winning Article Boosts Sales

What do you get when
you combine complex
technology, language
barriers and an impossible
deadline? An award-winning
article and cover design.
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Creative Angle Gets Media Attention

When the media says
it's not new news,
use a unique angle
to get attention.
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Pro Bono PR Helps Fight Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity is a
growing epidemic. With
pro bono help from
c3PR, Sticks-2-Schools
encouraged 40,000 youth
to become physically active.
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