Effective PR originates from a strong marketing plan.

Don’t have a marketing plan? No problem. Let’s get together to talk about your goals. We’ll suggest ways to achieve them. And review metrics to measure success. Here’s just a few of the tools in our box we’ll use to help you build your brand:

  • News releases
  • Exciting events
  • Effective emails
  • Opinion surveys
  • Editorial relations
  • Stunning literature
  • Strong testimonials
  • Intriguing newsletters
  • Crisis communications
  • Crowd-stopping booths
  • Customer presentations
  • Executive media training
  • Website content and SEO
  • Social media management
  • Corporate identity packages
  • Brand perception evaluation
  • Cross-cultural public relations
dB Control CEO “c3PR was with us when we were voted Defense Electronics Magazine’s ‘Rising Star.’ They stayed with us when the defense industry tanked and marketing budgets were thin. Since then we’ve grown every year and recently became a subsidiary of HEICO. Today, c3PR continues to help us market our products to military and commercial customers. Working together, we’re looking forward to many more years of stellar growth.”
– Joe Hajduk, Former CEO, dB Control