Amplify Exposure: Landing Media Coverage

Landing a mention about your company or product in an industry publication is good for business. But considering the competition for shrinking space and the attention of overworked editors, receiving the right kind of exposure is easier with a good PR agency on your side.

c3PR recently attended PRSA Silicon Valley’s “Inside the Newsroom” event at Facebook’s headquarters. The panel of experienced editors from the online technology publication, All Things D, explained that maintaining good long-term relationships with editors and reporters is critical. In fact, wasting a journalist’s time with inappropriate pitches is a sure-fire way to damage a business relationship and discount your brand’s potential.

The panel offered a few suggestions – all of which we put into practice daily at c3PR. Here is a sneak peek at the checklist we use to make sure our clients make a media splash:

  • Can you sum up your story in a tweet? 
    • If so, the editor may be looking for something with a little more meat.
  • Do you really know your editor? 
    • We research the person we’re pitching to discover what they’re interested in and connect your story to that interest.
  • Find the human angle. 
    • All good stories feature people, so we include something that makes your story resonate with the reader. For example, did your software developer come up with the idea for his new app while cleaning the catbox?
  • Why should the readers care? 
    • Remember, we must convince the editor why they should spend their time writing about your company. It’s their job to provide readers with relevant content. It’s our job to help editors do just that.

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