• Accelerance CEO Steve Mezak Wins Best Of Outsourcing Thought Leadership Award for “Speeding the Search for Offshore Developers” White Paper Edited and Pitched by c3PR –  Dec. 2007
  • Alma Guimarin Retains c3PR for Personal Publicity Campaign to Build Wealth Management Practice – Nov. 2007
  • Park Systems Signs Agreement with Seagate Technology to Develop and Supply Next-Generation AFMs; c3PR Secures Unique Permission to Publish News from Seagate – Oct. 2007
  • dB Control Launches Major PR Campaign with c3PR, Hires Steve Olson as Marketing Manger – Oct. 2007
  • San Francisco Legal Uses c3PR to Promote Reprographics Award for Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects Proposal for Transbay Transit Center – Sept. 2007
  • Bill Brown Construction Launches New Website with Content by c3PR – Sept. 2007
  • Accelerance Hires c3PR to Promote Benefits of Outsourcing and Software Without Borders – August 2007
  • Sightech Taps c3PR to Author US Tech Article on Self-Learning Vision Systems to Replace Human Inspection, Outmoded Vision Systems
  • AppliedSensor HSS-440 Hydrogen Gas Detection Module Incorporated in BMW First Hydrogen Luxury Performance Auto Announced through c3PR  – March 2007
  • Park Systems Retains c3PR for Full Service PR, Advertising and Trade Show Support – March 2007
  • Teamwrkx Mechanical Selects c3PR to Produce Marketing Materials for HVAC Market – Feb. 2007
  • Bentek Electo-Mechanical Engineering Hires c3PR to Provide Website Content, Sales Presentations for Contract Manufacturing Solutions – Jan. 2007
  • Former InfoWord Reporter and Accomplished Editor Julie Hart  joins c3PR  — Jan. 2007