c3PR and HiveMind Partner to Offer Inbound Marketing Services

New Services Help Time- and Resource-Limited Companies Build Brand; Capture, Nurture and Convert Qualified Sales Leads; Leverage Marketing Automation

Sunnyvale, CA – March 21, 2012 – c3PR and HiveMind Marketing announced today that they are partnering to offer clients a broad range of integrated inbound marketing services. Inbound marketing is a relatively new marketing strategy that takes advantage of the changing ways socially-adept consumers want to interact with businesses and acquire information. Businesses implement inbound marketing tactics to “attract” prospects and predispose them to their products and services. Using creative strategies and tactics like search engine optimization (SEO), custom landing pages, targeted content, blogging and other social media platforms, c3PR and HiveMind can help clients achieve a much higher return on their marketing investment, often as much as 200 to 300 percent.

“Inbound marketing is designed for companies that want to grow smarter and faster than their competition. Our creative marketing activities enable prospects to “find” companies, products and services in which they’re already interested,” said HiveMind CEO and Chief Creative Officer Tom Lauck. “Every touchpoint is calculated to gain the audience’s attention before they raise their hand, to arouse their interest before they know who the company is, and to create a demand before one is perceived.”

Inbound marketing and public relations share many of the same strategic functions, including positioning and branding, defining audiences, profiling consumers, creating targeted content and reporting results. In addition, both disciplines involve website development and managing social media programs.

“Tom and I have known each other for nearly a decade. Our firms offer complementary services. With HiveMind’s proven expertise in inbound marketing and c3PR’s in public relations, it makes sense for us to collaborate,” said c3PR Founder and Principal Mar Junge. “After working with the client to set up the inbound marketing systems, we provide them with monthly services for less than they’d pay to outsource PR, SEO, website design, content creation and social media management to multiple vendors.”

About HiveMind Marketing, Inc.
HiveMind Marketing helps small and medium-sized businesses across a variety of industries, including high tech, biotech and clean tech, systematically drive more qualified traffic to websites, convert more prospects into sales and turn marketing investments into increased business. Founded in 2001, HiveMind creates a closed-loop marketing system by combining effective inbound marketing strategy with marketing automation. www.HiveMindinc.com.

About c3PR
c3PR is a public relations and marketing agency serving small to midsize companies in high tech, defense, corporate diversty and legal services. Founded in 2002, c3PR uses PR and social media to help clients with limited marketing staff and budgets get noticed and get results. Agency clients include AppliedSensor, dB Control, ION, SFL Data, and others. www.c3pr.com

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c3PR:  Vanessa Bradford, 209-505-3690
Hivemind: Ellen Strzalkowski, 408-418-4620