c3PR Principal Mar Junge Speaks to P.E.O. About Importance of Diverse Corporate Boards

Sunnyvale, Calif. – October 10, 2011 –At the October meeting of the Northern California Chapter of the P.E.O., a philanthropic organization celebrating the advancement of women, c3PR Principal Mar Junge encouraged members to help change the future by supporting gender diverse corporate boards.

“A good board of directors advises its corporate executives not only how to be profitable, but also how to give back to the community. In essence, the board serves as the social conscience of the corporation,” said Ms. Junge. “Considering that women are often more sensitive to social issues, it is essential that we strive for board diversity.”

In her presentation, Junge noted that there is a growing body of evidence pointing to stronger financial performance for companies with gender-diverse boards. But despite efforts of organizations like ION, a c3PR client and national nonprofit representing more than 10,000 women, the movement to appoint more women to the boards of Fortune 500 companies has been hindered by lack of awareness and longstanding business traditions. She urged P.E.O. members to visit the ION website and download ION’s Investor Toolkit.

 “P.E.O. Co-Founder Franc Roads Elliott said P.E.O.s should ever keep their eyes forward, to note the possibilities of the future,” said International Chapter President, Susan Reese Sellers. “The P.E.O. Sisterhood is passionate about its mission to motivate women to achieve their highest aspirations.”

Junge was invited by the group to speak at a future P.E.O. meeting in 2012. The members indicated in they were interested in learning the results of ION’s Eight Annual Status Report scheduled to be published in mid December. The report focuses on the gender imbalance on corporate boards of public companies. It will include Fortune 500 companies in 14 geographic areas, as well as hundreds of small and mid-cap businesses that comprise the backbone of U.S. regional economies.

About P.E.O.
The Philanthropic Educational Organization is one of the pioneer societies for women. Founded in 1869 as a Iowa Wesleyan College friendship society by seven female students, today the PEO has almost a quarter million members in chapters throughtout the US and Canada. The PEO also owns Cottey College (a two-year women’s educational institution) and manages five philanthropic programs providing educational assistance. More information is available at www.peointernational.org

About c3PR
c3PR is a boutique public relations and marketing agency primarily serving companies in the high tech business-to-business sector. Since 2002, c3PR has helped clients get noticed and get results using innovative PR strategies to leverage limited marketing resources. Current clients include AppliedSensor, dB Control, Get Well Natural, The InterOrganization Network, SFL Data, and others.