Make ‘Em Laugh, Get More Reads: Humorous Hashtags

After a long day at the office, no one wants to read a tweet saying “Our company X just released widget Y for problem Z.” Not only are you probably saying the same thing as 100 other business Twitter accounts out there, but more than likely that post will receive a few more ZZZZ’s than you’d hoped for. So stop taking yourself so seriously, and make your followers laugh!

A great way to spice up your tweets is with humorous hashtags. As you may recall, hashtags are like keywords searches in SEO. Trending topic hashtags can usually be found at the left side of your homepage. Want to know what’s going on with the #Olympics? Does your tweet include a #Video? Just add the little ‘#’ before the word you want to be noticed and you’ll show up in any search with that word. Hashtags are also used at events such as #SEMICON2012.

But there’s another way to use hashtags that is on the rise: humorous, individual hashtags. Trendsetters have started to use hashtags to bookmark their own funny thoughts about their tweets, and it’s just starting to catch on in business as a great way to spice up a tweet. Take a look at the examples below:

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