No Risks, Just Reliability

For 45 years, military and aerospace customers have known Hunter as a trusted supplier of solutions for EW, signal intelligence and radar. We’re particularly adept at utilizing the latest MMIC die components to squeeze tremendous performance out of a tightly integrated package, while considering the complexities of manufacturing in high volumes throughout the development process. This combination of experience and expertise produces high-performance, repeatable and reliable microwave systems such as the Model SRX-00140V microwave SIGINT VME/VXS tuner. Combined with in-house automated test and validation systems, Hunter gives you complete visibility into our design and production processes for:

  • Custom RF subsystems up to 80 GHz
  • Broadband up/down converters, up to 2 GHz instantaneous bandwidth
  • High-speed digital RF arbitrary modulation generators
  • Fast-tuning, low phase noise RF receivers and tuners
  • Miniature frequency synthesizers up to 40 GHz