Do Your News Releases Work As Hard As An Olympian?

It’s hard to believe that after four years of grueling training some Olympians will compete for mere seconds at the London Olympics. That’s a lifetime of dedication building up to a single event – talk about pressure! In the business world, news releases are our client’s time to shine, but if you don’t know how to write a news release for the digital age, it can feel like your hard work is being wasted.     

For more than half a century, news releases were written to get the attention of editors and journalists, hence the name “press releases.”  But modern news releases are written primarily for search engines, with only about a fifth read by an editor. According to Ann Wylie, President of Wylie Communications, many news releases are “unreadable” because they’re not written for online audiences. The best news releases are written for humans, not search engines. While that may sound simple, many companies find this difficult to achieve without breaking portal regulations. For example, overloading a news release with links and keywords can be interpreted as spam and will limit the audience that receives your release. Below are a few straightforward tips to increasing your client’s name recognition and website traffic, through your news releases. With these in mind you’ll be sure to whip your news release into Olympic shape in no time!

  • Use strong verbs
  • Keep it short
  • Don’t drop the deck
  • Never repeat links
  • Match your media to the message
  • Skip fluff phrases

For more info and tips on writing news releases for your organization, contact Mar Junge.

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