Quantifying Benefits is Like Flossing Your Teeth

By Melissa Junge, Moog Animatics Marketing

In addition to brushing your teeth, you know you should be flossing regularly. But this task takes extra time and effort and is easy to overlook. Same thing goes for quantifying benefits. Most marketers promote their features and competitive advantages, and good marketers remember to equate those with benefits. But how many take the extra time to really clean up their value proposition by quantifying those benefits? Especially in B2B marketing, where what you sell directly affects your customer’s bottom line, quantifying benefits can have a tremendous influence on the buying decision.


To develop a FAB-Q (Features, Advantages, Benefits – Quantify) that differentiates your product or service from your competition, start with the FAB that’s most important to your customer.  For example:

Our motors have an integrated advanced motion controller (feature), so there’s no need for cables and a large control cabinet (advantage), which reduces the cost of materials and required floor space for the customer (benefit).

Now go one step further to quantify the FAB: Machines built with our integrated motor use 50% less floor space than competitive solutions, resulting in $118,000 annual savings in overhead. Plus our integrated motors save customers up to $100,000 in cabling costs.

To arrive at those figures, I used the following quantifiers:

  • Average machine square foot space is 40 sq. ft. compared to 20 sq. ft. with integrated motors
  • Cost of leasing factory in Silicon Valley: $0.99/sq. ft. per month.
  • Average factory floor size filled with competitor’s machines is 20,000 sq. ft. compared to 10,000 sq. ft. with integrated motors.
  • Savings on factory overhead is $118,800 (20,000 – 10,000 = 10,000 sq. ft.  x $0.99/sq. ft. per month  x 12 months)
  • Cables cost $50 each. Competitor’s machines use eight cables compared to four with integrated motors = $200 savings per machine.
  • 10,000 sq. ft. could hold 500 machines (20 sq. ft. each). Saving $200 of cabling per machine = $100,000.

Quantifying and calculating benefits takes time, research and a little creativity. Start by using your best estimates. Remember, those estimates can be changed as more information is gathered. The key is to start somewhere quantifying your benefits. Make FAB-Q a marketing habit and, like flossing, you’ll inevitably see long-term gains.


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