Social Media: The New PR World Order

Whether it’s challenging constituents through Twitter to ask Presidential candidates trivial questions at town-hall debates or making critical comments concerning President Obama’s late Grandmother, the strong political climate heightened by tonight’s Presidential debate is a stark reminder that in this race social media has become king.

But not all social media makes a negative splash. I recently had the privilege of attending the launch of Eastwick’s sister company, SocialxDesign, a firm dedicated to improving the social engagement of businesses, government agencies and NGO’s. It was at this event that I learned through an experienced panel of speakers – including founders Giovanni Rodriguez, Toby Chaudhuri and Barbara Bates – how social media can be used to empower everyone to become directly involved in the processes that affect them on a daily basis.

Think about it: social media is giving a voice to historically underrepresented groups, such as Asian and Hispanic Americans. In fact, the panel described how social media practices and applications are constantly being adjusted to suit the needs of both citizens and clients. This fluid technology gives renewed meaning to the adage, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” Through groundbreaking new social media tools, like Peace on Facebook, even Average Joe’s across the world can make monumental and enduring statements.

Outside of the political spectrum, the global connectedness achieved through social media is alive and well in the PR realm. Using these channels to engage your target audience may seem like foreign territory, but the impact can be monumental with the right strategy in place.  

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